About US

about us 123rfWebdesignAddicts.com is a full service internet marketing, website design and hosting company. Our full service offering helps our clients to market their business online effectively. We do more then just build websites we help you build your business. We understand that as a small business owner you must wear many hats to run your business. That’s why we provide services that are economical for you to afford, providing you with the marketing expertise that you would expect as a large fortune 500 company.

Online Video Tutorials

We offer a full suite of online video’s to help you with important aspects of your website From cpanel to setting up your android or iphone to receive email is easy with on online video training courses.

video tutorials imageWith our internet marketing services we have help many companies to reach the first page of Google using our SEO strategies and by doing so have increase leads to their business. With our drive traffic program our clients are averaging 100 unique visitors to their site daily. Traffic + Conversions = Sales. Our proprietary 7 step marketing plan will teach you how to generate traffic to your website organically and best of all its free with every website design.

By having a properly well designed website is just the first step in getting notice by the search engines. Google reports that the website that are in the number one position in the search engine results page will get 46% of the clicks to that website. For any business regardless of size, this will provide a huge boost in sales to your company. With our search engine marketing plan we get your business to the first page of the search engines and target your precise target audience for your business.

All of our services are guaranteed to yield results. We understand that as a small to medium size company you need results and every dollar counts. Therefore, we work harder for you. We guarantee it!

For more information or questions we can be reached at sales@webdesignaddicts.com or by calling (888) 393-4652.